Need a Solution for Bulky Cargo?

Need a Solution for Bulky Cargo?

Rely on the bulk truck hauling experts of Merkel, TX

Do you have bulky cargo that needs to be transported safely and efficiently? Big Country Diversified, Inc specializes in hauling your liquid cargo, agricultural items or scrap materials. We have three types of trailers available to you:

  • Hopper bottom: These trailers are great for hauling fertilizer, wheat harvests and animal feed. Traps underneath the trailer will release your cargo at its final destination. This allows for a quick and efficient unloading process.
  • Tanker: Aluminum tankers are a light-weight, high-performance option that increases fuel efficiency. Our aluminum tankers haul liquid fertilizer for agricultural purposes.
  • Live floor or walking floor: This belt trailer has a hydraulic function. The top opens so you can easily put your product in the trailer. When we arrive at your destination, the back door opens and the floor moves forward to dump the product out, or to “walk” the load out of the trailer.

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When you’re looking for a trustworthy truck hauling company, safety should be a top priority. Our employees are first-rate and always put safety first during a haul. We do things the right way to ensure your cargo arrives safety and on time.